About The Ambient Poem


About The Ambient Poem

The Ambient Poem converts real-time data into a continuous reading of the atmospheric conditions in a specific area.

Users of the iOS app can see the live poem for their location and for other locations around the US. They can also see the data behind the poem, and capture, save and share excerpts of the poem. Anytime someone saves or shares an excerpt it is also posted to this website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the poem identical for every reader within a specific area?
No, though readers near one another will generally receive passages of similar affect.

Is it a single poem, or are there many of them?
The poem is, like the atmosphere it reads, a plurality.

Which is more accurate – the data or the poem?
The data is very accurate but to a lower resolution. The poem can be more finely attuned, but is also more likely to overreach its resolution.

Sometimes the poem has an oracular feel—does its reading extend beyond atmospheric conditions?
We don’t yet know.



Lohren Green: Concept, Logic, Poetics
Vlad Pop: System Development
Cristian Rosa: App Development
Mark Schaer: Design


Advisory Committee

Jon Provisor, Daniel Coffeen, William Pallister, Aaron Edelberg